Quotes I had heard that The Griffin had gluten free options and thought I would pop in to see. Usually when places say they are GF friendly or have GF options, there are like 2 or 3 things to choose from on the menu. The Griffin is so GF friendly that I was pretty much able to pick anything off their menu. The sandwich (olive & goat cheese) was tasty and the soup was absolutely amazing (curry butternut squash)!!!! and the dessert options were overwelming! Again dont usually have that many choices as a Celiac. I had the peanut butter tart. Delicious! Cant wait to go back and try everything else on the menu! I can see myself being a regular customer! Everyone should spread the word so that places like this can make a go in the industry for people like us! :) Thank you to The Griffin! We really appreciate people like you! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Great food. Makes gluten-free lunches very easy. I am a new celiac and Griffins makes it easier to eat some of my favorite desserts! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes We had the Skor, Turtle and Mint Chocolate Mini Cheesecakes for our office coffee break. We cut them in halves or quarters so that we could taste them all. They were absolutely delicious and enjoyed by everyone. Thanks to Suzanne for providing that tasty treat. Quotes
Colette from Regina

Quotes The individual cheesecakes (mint, skor and turtle) we had today were great. So was the chocolate raspberry cupcake I had last week. Quotes

Quotes lets see where to begin... had three delicious slices of cheesecake, all very very very good... particularily the chocolate mint my new fav. Also had cupcakes, and a peanut butter torte. All great.... will be back next time i'm up in Saskatoon. Quotes

Quotes Hey Nikki, thanks for the mini cheesecakes! Absolutely wonderful! Quotes
Regina customer

Quotes There are no words to thank you enough for what you do. When I was diagnosed a month ago, I thought I would never have a decent dessert again. The cookies, scones and cupcakes are AWESOME!!! I'll be back very soon! Quotes
Recently Diagnosed Celiac

Quotes My mom surpised me with one of your cakes for my birthday and it was so unbelievably tasty. When I developed Celiac's years back that was always the one thing that I really missed - a birthday cake - and I was able to enjoy something that did not taste like it was GF. I'm spreading the word about you to every GF and non GF friend alike! Quotes
Staci Nahirney

Quotes Absolutely amazing customer service and even better food. It is so nice to be able to go out and get soup being a celiac. I will be a returning customer for years to come. Quotes

Quotes It's nice to see someone putting out proper gluten-free and vegan desserts. Good prices, and large portions. Quotes