Quotes OMG, happy is not the word, i bought cup cakes, brownies, strawberry scones, cheese scones, burger buns and cheese bread.. i gave my kids burger in your buns and cupcake after, my husband asked if we had given up on gluten free as it was the best he had eaten since we started on new years. even my very picky Autistic son ate everything and asked for more.. finally i can give the kids a treat knowing that the gluten is out, which helps my son with his diet needs, as well as helping us all as a family share the same food.. you rock !!!! will be a customer for all my bakery needs xx Quotes
very happy customer

Quotes Every time I walk into your shop, I have to hold back tears of gratitude. Never in the almost 2 years since being diagnosed as a Celac patient have I EVER felt safe eating anywhere other than my own kitchen. You changed that and gave me a safe place to go when I visit Saskatoon. Thank you, a million thank you's to you all. This means the world. Your food is absolutely awesome, even my husband who can eat anything says you'd never know it was gluten free. I will be back every time I am in your city. I always bring home treats, and love your bread :) Quotes
Celiac in Kindersley

Quotes You have made a gluten free girls come true, when I found out I was gluten sensitive I thought I would never eat another baked good again, but you guys have done an amazing job at recreating some of my favourite treats. Absolutely delicious, thank you. Quotes

Quotes I have 2 kids with celiac and a kitchen destroyed by water damage so to be able to pick up food for them that is safe, is a huge weight off my mind. The food tastes like homemade. Thank you for the great food and peace of mind. Quotes
Donna lloyd
Delighted Mom

Quotes Your blueberry bread pudding was a hit with the participants in my communications workshop who are unable to eat gluten. You can expect them all to visit and purchase more goodies in the future. Quotes
Penny McKinlay
Communications Consultant, Writer for Wanderlust and Words

Quotes Sooooooo happy you're here! Everything is so yummy and you can't tell it isn't GF. I tell everyone about u guys now! Will be coming for as long you're there! Quotes
GF in Stoon

Quotes I needed lunches for a meeting, and Griffin Takeaway was perfect -- tasty, affordable, and able to handle everyone's dietary needs. Can't be beat! Quotes
Dan Holbrow
Eating at Meetings

Quotes I was so thrilled you where open for Mothers Day. My mom has celiac and can't handle dairy. You where my only real option for getting her a lovely treat on mothers day and I know it made her feel SO SPECIAL! The desserts where amazingly good. Keep it coming PLEASE! Quotes
Rebecca Fehr
Thrilled Customer

Quotes Was very nervous to try anything since I'm very sensitive. But after a quick chat I decided to give it a go. Took home 4 wonderful items.. and had a dessert fest with no adverse effects. What a wonderful bakery! Thank you!!! Quotes
Out of town vistor

Quotes So happy you are here and hopeful for your success! Everything I have tried has been amazing! Favourite to date...the cream puffs! Quotes
Michele Rowe
Grateful Celiac
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